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We have extensive experience with complex drainage issues, including surface and subsurface water, such as:  

*Soggy yard (or an unwanted lake in your yard);

*Water entering your home, basement or crawl space;

*Wet/damp foundation walls;


We will come to your place for a free consultation, carefully assess your property and your home and find the source of the water, where it's collecting and what problems are associated with the water. We can investigate and provide a written professional opinion if you need that for a dispute.

We will provide you with options for a solution including the most inexpensive options all the way to the most extensive and thorough solutions.

Remediation may include one or a combination of the following:

Catch basins


Collecting downspout water and piping it away from the house (sometimes downspouts dump too much water too close to the house)

Drainage ditches

Driveway drains

French drain systems (from simple to complex, to gather and pipe away sub-surface water)

Lawn drains

Rain gardens (a detention basin designed to collect and hold run-off so it can soak in  slowly and recharge a garden or forest soil)

Regrading for proper pitch

Sump pumps


Water bars

We have remediated the most complex of drainage issues. To see photos of some of our drainage projects, click here.

A Few of Our Drainage Testimonials (Please see our Testimonials page):

"We hired Bill to remedy a very soggy backyard, one that had been misdiagnosed a number of times and that effectively halved our usable space.  Bill did extensive testing and experimenting to be totally sure what was going on (an underground creek), then proposed a solution.  One of my favorite things (among many) about working with Bill was his insistence that he would not do any work unless he could guarantee it, and he did, indeed, do excellent work.  He and his crew were committed and punctual, and Bill always let me know what was going on and when.  The project was finished on time and did not go over the estimate prepared for us. Best of all, we can now use our entire backyard! It's like a miracle.  I wish everyone I worked with was as professional, personable, and committed as Bill Laity."  - Angie Flynn-McIver

"I had some drainage issues that two other businesses tried and failed to correct, but Bill assessed the situation and fixed it. His solution showed an understanding of landscaping and drainage that the others lacked. He was courteous and professional, as were his employees, and they did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it, and for the price he said it would cost. I would not hesitate to recommend Integrated Landscaping to anyone who wants a professional job done right." - Sam Rankin

(ANGIE'S LIST REVIEW)  "This is the second time we have had to rely on Integrated Landscaping of Asheville for serious water drainage and remediation problems. We had a landslide, about the width of a car length--that went 60 feet or more down our mountain. We also had water run off from our driveway. In addition, about 200 pounds of sand and clay, with rocks, eroded from the cut bank in back of our cabin. Bill gave me information on how to repair the cut bank. He also did repair work on the ground below the cut bank.  His crew laid in a trench to take care of the water run off from the driveway, which he diagnosed as being a contributing factor to the landslide. I think Bill Laity is probably the ONLY person in this area who can handle problems of greater magnitude.  He has repaired much larger landslides. The crew put in locust or hickory (it's the hardest wood) posts with rebar and cradles of rock and rip rap which will allow the water that comes from natural springs inside the earth to run down the hillside without causing further erosion. He also mulched the entire project. When possible he uses materials we have on hand. He is not cheap; his prices are somewhat costly, but the costs are well worth it because he knows how to solve problems. He is honorable, responsible, dependable.  I cannot recommend him more highly. He is extremely intelligent and a cut above similar kinds of contractors.

As I stated in the previous paragraph, the crews are on time, they clean up after themselves, they are trustworthy and decent. The projects went beautifully and we are very pleased with the outcome. We recommend Integrated Landscaping of Asheville without reservation. He always oversees his projects carefully and there is no carelessness involved."  - Tina Barr

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