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     Integrated Landscaping of Asheville, LLC            William R. Laity, Proprieter

Landscaping and Landscaping Design services we specialize in:

These elements can be combined or installed individually to create the perfect landscape for your needs:
          * All phases of landscape design and installation (please see our designs page)
* Trees (including large trees) and shrub plantings
* Patios - Stone, brick and mixed media patios
* Walkways of all kinds
* Staircases / Stairways of all kinds
* Retaining Walls - Timber or stone retaining walls and terracing
* Driveways - Pebble, stone, brick ...
* Boulder placement, boulder gardens, boulder walls
* Water features and earthen ponds
* Grading for lawns, athletic and play areas
* Landscape Renovation: clean-up, pruning and mulching
* Plantings of all kinds
* Perennial Gardens
* Fruit trees and bushes
* Produce gardens
* Drainage work (see below)

* We specialize in troubleshooting water issues and solving complex grading
   and drainage problems. Please see our Drainage Specialists page.

Please visit Our Landscaping Photos page where you can view numerous photos of our work. You can also click on the following links to photo albums.

      Patios, Walks, Stairs & Drives, Retaining Walls, Water Features and Earthen Ponds,
      and many more.....

While we are licensed to apply pesticides for our customers, we subscribe to the Integrated Pest Management model and try to reduce unnecessary chemical treatments wherever possible.

We do not provide lawn maintenance service or install irrigation systems.