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Lauren Lopez Boylston, Asheville, NC
"When I purchased my new contemporary Energy Efficient, Green-build home in West Asheville, I knew I had to have a professional to design and implement landscaping, primarily in the backyard. The back area was simply a muddy, rocky, weed-infested disaster. There was no way I could tackle this on my own.

I interviewed several different landscaping firms and easily settled on William Laity of Integrated Landscaping of Asheville. Bill was the only landscaper who came to my home and spent several hours with me discussing my ideas and vision. I knew I wanted the landscape to be an extension of my home and to match the contemporary style and flavor of the architectural design. I wanted it to be energy efficient and include a great deal of "living area."

Bill's energy and enthusiasm was just what I was looking for. He had a million ideas and I seemed to like them all. We he returned with the drawn plans, I was stunned. This was the yard I wanted!!!

When his crew began working on my project, I was delighted with how wonderful the people were to have working around my home. Everyone I came in contact with from his firm was friendly, professional and possessed great attention to detail. At the end of each work day, the property was left clean and orderly with all tools put away for the night.

The finished product was far beyond my expectations. Everyone who spends time in my backyard marvels at the great design and how beautiful the space is. Here it is a year later and my garden has already been on the West Asheville Garden Stroll!!! What an honor! It is simply gorgeous!

I could not recommend anyone more highly than I recommend Bill Laity and Integrated Landscaping of Asheville, LLC."

Sam Rankin, Asheville, NC
"I had some drainage issues that two other businesses tried and failed to correct, but Bill assessed the situation and fixed it. His solution showed an understanding of landscaping and drainage that the others lacked. He was courteous and professional, as were his employees, and they did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it, and for the price he said it would cost. I would not hesitate to recommend Integrated Landscaping to anyone who wants a professional job done right."

Wendi and Josh Diamond, Biltmore Park
"We were blown away by the wonderful work that Bill and his crew did on our job! From the beginning talks and sketches Bill listened to all that we wanted to express in our landscape and all of the problems we were currently having with drainage and lack of a usable and enjoyable yard. We had to have drainage work done to move water that was sitting up next to the house and carry it away. We also had a combined project of having Bill's crew work with our carpenter, as we were also having a new screened porch, deck and covered grilling area built. Bill's crew put in a beautiful brick patio and walkway to replace a dull and boring concrete slab and sidewalk. I also wanted a peaceful and natural garden area with raised rock beds and walkways, rock and mulch paths and easy maintenance. I had chosen most of my plants and the crew made it all come together! We enjoyed our wonderful outdoor living space for more than a year and had so many compliments. In the end we sold this house to move to more acreage and it was the outside living area and spaces that SOLD the house in just 3 months of being on the market!

Thank you Bill and crew for doing such a wonderful job and being so easy to work with. We would highly recommend Integrated Landscaping of Asheville!!"

Tina Reinke, Asheville, NC
"While living in California, I needed someone that I could respect and trust to do some basic landscaping on properties that I had purchased in the Asheville area in 2007. My time in Asheville was very limited, so I needed to choose a landscaper that I could trust to to a good job for me while I was long-distance from the job site. After interviewing several landscapers in the area, it became clear to me that Bill Laity was the right person to give me the comfort level that I needed. He was knowledgeable, easy to talk to, upfront about challenges and pricing, and stayed in communication with me at all times with questions and updates.

Now that I have moved to the Asheville area, I needed someone to upgrade me from the basic landscaping. Again, the practical side of me felt the need to interview several landscapers to be sure that all my needs would be met. And it was easy to choose Bill once again. He and his crew have been a pleasure to deal with - professional and pleasant, prompt, willing to listen to a potential change in plans, etc. etc.  For example, when it came to the installation of the rain barrels and rain diverters, they went out of their way to find what I needed and did a great job on the installation.

Before writing this testimonial, I once again looked through the Integrated Landscaping of Asheville website. The thing that strikes me most (besides the pictures of his beautiful work) is the fact that, compared to much of his work, the jobs that he has done for me are relatively small in scope. I have had somewhat limited budgets to work with; and yet Bill has always made me feel like my business is important to him, no matter how small the job. That kind of feeling is hard to come by these days and it is one of the things that I appreciate most in working with him. I am pleased to recommend him to potential customers."

Joanne and Roger Moss
"After seeing a neighbor's yard being worked on, I quickly wrote down the phone number of Integrated Landscaping of Asheville. Anyone who knows my husband knows that not just anyone could work on our yard, but it was a perfect match with our family and Integrated Landscaping of Asheville. When we met Bill, we knew we found someone who could really help us. Bill knows landscaping and he loves doing it. The bottom line is that it shows in his work. He knows which plants and trees are best suited to the area and the location in the yard for direct and indirect sunlight. We have had our entire yard worked on in the last two years - plants, mulching, pavers for walkways, a small brick patio, help with our drainage system and even a compost bin. We couldn't be more pleased with the results. The quality, professionalism and the ease with which to work with Bill are the reasons we will continue to contact Integrated Landscaping for our future landscaping needs."

Lynn and Ric Morton
"Integrated Landscaping of Asheville does beautiful work in both a timely and honest fashion. Bill delivers on exactly what he says he'll do and more. We needed drainage work, replacement plantings, and mulch.  We love the natural "stream" he created for rain water to drain into, and we no longer have rain coursing down the mountain toward our house. He even sent someone from the company out in a rainstorm to check and see if the drainage system was working! The plants he chose are beautiful, indigenous mountain plants, and he added some decorative rock that really completed the look. The final cost was exactly what he estimated, and the work was completed on time. Bill will be our only landscaper from now on."

Robert Beatty
"When my family and I first moved into the Asheville area several years ago, I asked around for the names of reputable landscapers. I ended up talking to half a dozen different companies. In the end, I chose Bill Laity and his firm because of his extensive knowledge of plant species, his strong reputation, and his honesty.

I've been working with him on projects large and small ever since and I've not been disappointed. Bill has completed extensive landscaping to our property, ranging from classic landscape design and installation, to very large tree planting, to stone work, a wildlife pond, reclaiming overgrown areas, planting for attraction of birds and butterflies, pasture and grass repair, and much more. During this time I've had the opportunity to work very closely with Bill through all the various details. He's thorough, conscientious, committed to high quality work, experienced in a broad range of landscape-related areas, very knowledgeable of plants, and a person of high integrity. His crews work hard, coordinate with both myself and Bill on an on-going basis, and do good work. It's my pleasure to highly recommend William R. Laity Landscaping."

Angie Flynn-McIver
"We hired Bill to remedy a very soggy backyard, one that had been misdiagnosed a number of times and that effectively halved our usable space.  Bill did extensive testing and experimenting to be totally sure what was going on (an underground creek), then proposed a solution.  One of my favorite things (among many) about working with Bill was his insistence that he would not do any work unless he could guarantee it, and he did, indeed, do excellent work.  He and his crew were committed and punctual, and Bill always let me know what was going on and when.

The project was finished on time and did not go over the estimate prepared for us. Best of all, we can now use our entire backyard! It's like a miracle.  I wish everyone I worked with was as professional, personable, and committed as Bill Laity."

Frank and Donna DiMario, Arden, NC
"When we moved into the Asheville area we were lucky to find William R. Laity Landscaping to help us with a complete landscape renovation of our property.  Bill and his crew are highly professional and reliable.  Bill listened (very important!) to our vision and expectations and gave excellent recommendations to help us achieve our goal.  He was sensitive to our budget and made suggestions to help us keep costs in line with it.  After researching his website and seeing the extensive work his company has carried out, I was concerned that our project would not be "large or challenging" enough for him and his crew, but the fact is that he brings his expertise to all projects, large and small, so don't let the scope of your needs detract you from contacting William R. Laity Landscaping!
Our project took approx 3 weeks to complete, during which time his crew took complete care to keep our home and property from being in a state of disarray.  Every evening, the jobsite was cleaned and swept.  We knew all crew members by first name and were sad to see them go when the project was complete!  They took time to greet us each and every time, and were very polite and professional."

Judy, Fletcher, NC
"I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE my garden, especially now that it's freshly mulched and weeded. It is so peaceful, serene, inviting and meditative. Sitting at my kitchen table looking out the window, it just invites you to come outside and enjoy it. The sounds of the waterfall, the colors, textures and setting are so amazing. Thank you. "

Mignon Durham
"Working with Bill Laity and his crew has been a pleasure! His design, plant selection, and rock work over a three year period have gradually transformed a bare outdoor space into my Garden of Eden. Any gardener who wants something special will enjoy working with Integrated Landscaping of Asheville."

Bethany and Sedrick Dellinger
"We found Bill and his crew to be the easiest sub-contractors we have ever worked with; communication was open and the thoughts of everyone were equally respected. Bill exudes confidence that is at the same time approachable and creative. The crew that built our retaining wall felt like family by the time the job was complete, and we miss seeing them.  The work itself was craftsman quality and the crew did everything possible to make sure we would feel satisfied every time we used the space - - which is every single day. We are even discussing the next job we would like Bill to do for us. We highly recommend the company to anyone who needs affordability but can't settle for anything less than the best."

Pete Brewer
"I am pleased to give Bill Laity my highest possible recommendation! He performed remarkably well in all three facets of my engagement - design, installation, and post-installation service. During the design stage of my landscape project he worked tirelessly to understand my preferences and then to incorporate them into the plan. He coordinated the installation to ensure that plant placements matched my expectations and his installation team executed their responsibilities courteously and conscientiously while maintaining a spotless work site. His post-installation communications have been impressive as well. All too often, once a contractor has your money they all but disappear. Not Bill Laity, he has stood behind his work and been extremely fair-minded in answering and resolving any minor questions that I have raised.

Given my 100% satisfaction with Bill's work, I already have him in mind for a future project. There will be no need to solicit bids for this forthcoming project because he has earned my loyalty. To be honest, I have come to consider Bill a friend in addition to my landscape contractor. In short, if you are considering hiring a landscape contractor and you do not give Bill Laity a chance to earn your business, you are making a mistake."

Derek Cook and Judith Robertson, Fairview, NC

"It is not often that a distressing, potentially destructive situation is transformed into a source of joy and beauty. Fortunately for us, this is exactly what happened when we contacted William R. Laity Landscaping last December about our ever-worsening rainwater drainage problems.  Bill's technical and artistic expertise elevated the basic solution into an exciting and imaginative design, combining a French drain with a dry creek landscaping scheme to enhance our house.  The plan also included creating a berm to contour the site, adding two guest parking spaces, and digging swales to divert rainwater from the driveway.  He patiently educated us as he welcomed our ideas and interaction with the project, which was very important to us.  Bill's detailed proposal and his business-like presentation of the project modules gave us the last bit of confidence we needed to proceed.

Of course, the weather during the winter of 2009-2010 was a terrible time to begin such a project, but his intrepid crew came and worked through snow, sleet, freezing cold, and cutting winds.  We can't praise the crew enough. They were professional, hard workers and so pleasant to have around. They left the job site in good order after each work day and were respectful of our property.

Now we have a wonderful garden that will give us endless pleasure for years to come -- and no lakes in the front yard or water in the basement. We are extremely satisfied with the work Bill has done for us and plan to call on him again.  We recommend him to anyone seeking top-quality drainage and/or landscaping work."

Joel and Denise Ingram, Biltmore Park
"After agreeing on a landscape plan, Bill and his team exceeded our expectations of quality and did an outstanding job implementing the design.  Our yard had been converted from lackluster to beautiful. Not only do we enjoy it every day, we have received many compliments from others in our community."

Jeanette Williams
"This past summer (2010) I searched for someone to solve a drainage problem in the front yard and my neighbor highly recommended Bill Laity as he had solved some major problems for them. I called Bill, arranged an appointment and thanked my lucky stars afterward because hiring Bill was the best landscaping decision I ever made.  Since I had tried unsuccessfully to work with four other landscapers I had a great frame of reference for comparison. I found Bill to be very attentive to my requirements, thorough with his assessment and solution options to solve the drainage issues, easy to work with and highly responsive.
I was so impressed that I asked for his estimate to include a complete makeover of the front yard's hardscapes. Bill returned his estimate in 10 days, breaking it down in sections as I requested and included a detailed drawing and work plan. The work was performed in an excellent manner and I am thrilled with the results.  Not only does Bill and his team perform with skill and integrity, they take pride in their work and exhibit a lot of creativity.  I will continue to work with Bill for any and all landscaping projects in the future and if you are looking for a true professional you should give Bill a call."

Barrie Sneed
"I thought I was hiring a landscape contractor, but what I got was a curly headed Renaissance man with dirt under his fingernails. Bill is not the cheapest, but he sure must be the hardest working man in the business, and with his vision and a talented staff, he turned our little yard into a garden of delight. 'Twas worth every penny..."

Joel and Leann Kelley
"Bill Laity and his excellent crew of craftsmen transformed our home's exterior space. Bill's attention to all the design elements ensured that the final result achieved was just as we planned.  In fact, it exceeded our expectations. We now have a uniform design in keeping with our lot and neighborhood. Bill was able to help us correct several problems with access, parking and aesthetics. Now we have a welcoming approach to our home for ourselves and guests accented by natural stone walls and nicely curved lines. The grounds have a very pleasing and natural feel. Bill has a concern for the natural landscape and the ability to listen to the homeowner's needs. He and all his employees were not only courteous and thoughtful, they also took a high level of pride in their craft. That's a great combination! We are grateful to them for a job well done."

Anita Krumpe, Asheville, NC (Angie's List Report)
"I found Bill through his website, and I think it was one of the best phone calls I have ever made. We discovered a very significant water problem in our crawl space, caused by a complete lack of drainage in the back yard. I had spoken with a couple of other contractors about the job before I met with Bill. One contractor was absurdly
high and the other very low. When we were able to meet with Bill, I was very impressed with his thoroughness and thoughtfulness when we were discussing our project.  We were able to talk through all aspects of the project, and the plans changed as we talked and thought of different issues. He was very knowledgeable and we had complete confidence that he really understood the issues and what needed to be dealt with.  He was very upfront and candid with us about the cost of all the individual components of the job, and was making suggestions about how we could save money by doing the non-technical things to prepare for the project ourselves.  As the project started, I was very impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of his crew. They were always willing to answer questions and didn't hesitate to call Bill if there was anything I wanted to discuss.  Bill was always very prompt to answer any questions we had, either by phone or e-mail.  He addressed  every question or idea and took whatever time was needed to make sure we understood the plan and were confident in what was going on.  There were problems that we ran into along the way, of course, and they were dealt with quickly and with a very minimal amount of stress. When the problems extended into other areas (like the leak they uncovered in our main water line), Bill kept us informed of what was going on, but also took care of the problem himself by calling other professionals that were needed. The work that was done was clean and efficient, and when the french drain was complete, a second crew very efficiently cleared out a disaster of an overgrown terraced yard and mulched everything. The change was amazing and we couldn't be more pleased with the work they did. We will be calling Bill again in the spring to complete the landscaping and probably more. The total cost was broken down and in writing, with no surprises.  The price was very fair for the quality of work, and while it was by no means the cheapest quote we received, I am confident that every cent we paid was worth the quality."

Phil and Beth Leonard, Fairview, NC
"This letter cannot possibly put into words how much I appreciate the beauty, quality, and workmanship of my new landscape. You and your team have far exceeded my expectations and turned my house into a home and garden I will enjoy for many years to come.

This is the fourth professional landscaping job I've been through at various homes - and by far the best and most enjoyable for several reasons:
     * Your knowledge of mountain plants, terrain, and environmental conditions is
        exceptional. And I delighted in your enthusiasm for sharing that knowledge with me.
     *  Your talent at landscape design - color, texture, balance, scale, interest, and problem-
        solving - created a little paradise right here in my own backyard.
     *  Your design took advantage of the best features in my landscape and turned the worst
        features into assets!
     *  You listened to my concerns and took great care to understand my goals, likes, and
        dislikes. You never failed to work hard to ensure my complete satisfaction.
     *  You solved not one but many challenges on my "problem" property:
         - Turning a steep front bank into a beautiful and interesting alpine garden.
         - Creating an inviting entrance that will draw visitors to my front door.
         - Capturing the beauty and potential of a grassy meadow.
         - Solving drainage problems.
         - Installing hardscape features that blend with the natural environment and let
           me enjoy access to my entire steep lot.
     *  The quality of the plants you installed is exceptional.
     *  Your hard working employees are pleasant, dependable, smart, and skilled at what
        they do.
     *  Your attention to detail, your organizational skills, your honest and integrity in all
         business transactions does not go unrecognized.

Please use me as a reference and bring your clients by any time to show off this lovely landscape. You have created a world of lasting beauty. Thank you again for an outstanding job!"             

Bruce and Janice, Asheville, NC
"Bill and his crew have completed two projects at our home. The first project, replacement of a crumbling retaining wall was an engineering feat in itself.  Bill approached this project with a thoroughness unmatched by any other contractor we contacted. The second project involved placing steps and a stonewall up a rather steep incline.  To get the results we wanted on each project was something of a challenge but with careful planning and attention to every detail, Bill and his crew exceeded our expectations.  We especially appreciated the sharing of information and details on each project so there were no surprises.

Bill's work ethic and positive attitude carries over to his crew.  They work hard, work when they say they are going to, and are careful to leave the property in the best order at the end of the work day.   We highly recommend him."

Scott and Joanne Rasco
"We recently moved to Asheville and renovated an old house in Grove Park.  When it came time to create a comprehensive landscape plan that was fitting for the age of the house and neighborhood, we began asking friends for recommendations.  One name kept coming up, William Laity.

Bill and his team designed and implemented an amazing landscape plan which included stone retaining walls, walkways, tree and shrub plantings and a new lawn.  All of our neighbors are amazed with the transformation and tell us it looks like it has always been there.  Bill's approach is intelligent and practical. He keeps deadlines and works within your budget.  It was a pleasure working with Bill."

Paul & Denna Yockey
"After purchasing our home we knew the first improvement we wanted to make was changing the access to our shed. The existing access was up a dirt/mud hill to a small concrete landing. We contacted William R. Laity Landscaping to get an estimate and figured this would be a project we may have to undertake in steps due to cost. William came to our home, answered all of our questions, was able to put on paper what we had envisioned and gave a proposal that was everything we wanted and more at a price we could afford.

We completed the project all at once and have a beautiful winding staircase up to our shed surrounded by grass instead of dirt, with a large landing and ramp off the other side. We could not be happier with the final product! William and his crew were great to work with during the entire process. We look forward to working with them again!"

Hil Leibe

"I cannot recommend Bill Laity highly enough. He is a problem solver as well as a landscape artist. Bill was able to terrace the rear of my house in a very creative way after others said it could not be done or, at best, it would be a costly Herculean effort not worth the time and money.  Since that project, I have used his landscaping services again (this time for plantings on the terraces) and have been more than satisfied."

Skip Metheny, North Asheville
"A stream which flows through our back yard had become a hazard to our home due to increasing water flow. Bill Laity assisted us with developing a plan and detailed drawings for increasing the height and stability of the stream banks. Bill provided invaluable assistance with the complex process of obtaining required permits from the various government agencies involved.

The execution of our plans went very smoothly with minimal disruption of our normal routines in spite of the scope and complexity of the plan. We were appreciative of the detailed reports we received regarding how the plan was progressing and what to expect next.  The crew members performing the work were always careful to avoid unnecessary damage to our existing landscaping.

The result of the project provides not only excellent protection from stream overflow but a beautiful enhancement to the appearance of our back yard. The quality of workmanship was first rate."

Nola McMullen
"This past summer it had become painfully obvious that I needed help landscaping my home. Though I had a vision of what I wanted, I was less than crystal clear on any detail.  Bill spent a significant amount of time walking the property with me, questioning, sharing and suggesting.  He followed these discussions with several sketches reflecting specifics for each area I wanted covered and some I had not considered.  The detail in these sketches defined the vision which made the decision making much easier.  The preparation and time Bill spent before the job was even sealed made all the difference. Needless to say, the end product was superb."

Deb and Alex Kirby
"From our initial meeting through completion of the project, Bill was personable, helpful, knowledgeable, and available.  The proposal was incredibly clear and detailed and reflected our needs and goals.  The crew worked quickly and quietly and was a pleasure to have around. Bill checked in on them and on us frequently over the course of the project, and often worked on-site as well, to ensure that everything went according to plan.  We have been delighted with the results and would recommend Bill and his crew without hesitation."

Anna Wong, Asheville
"My husband and I have greatly appreciated Bill Laity's thoroughness and professionalism.  His crews are pleasant and capable. We have been very pleased with the jobs they have done in our woodland garden! We strongly recommend William R. Laity Landscaping."

Ed and Marti, North Asheville

"We had a very unique problem with our landscape and the way our home was positioned on the lot. Since we couldn't move the house we asked Bill to help us figure out how to change the landscaping to "open up" the property and accentuate the look of the house. His creative use of hardscaping with "eyebrow" walls and the use of plantings to add what we call "virtual privacy" have changed the entire look of the property. In keeping with our surroundings, we have kept the countryside look of the property while living within the city. Bill's crew was great to work with and our expectations of the project were completely met. Bill is very disciplined in his project management so all the surprises were good ones."

Andrew Hart
"Mr. Laity and his crew designed and installed a French drain along the foundation of my house. Although the working conditions were cold, his crew was friendly and hard working. The project was done on time and on budget. Better yet, my basement has been completely dry since the work was completed."

Gary Ross-Reynolds and Steve Weissman
"We are pleased to recommend Bill Laity's company for your landscaping needs.  The planning stage of our project was characterized by a high degree of collaboration during which Bill closely attended to our ideas and suggested design elements we had not considered. As a result the outcome was very satisfying.

Work began very close to the estimated start date and his crew proved themselves to be master stone workers.  In addition, they were adept at solving problems that arose, again collaborating with us as appropriate, and they made great contributions to the final design as well.  Gentle and nonintrusive spirits both, we enjoyed having them around and we now consider them friends.

We are confident that you will be well satisfied with Bill's and his crew's work."

Elizabeth - Arden, NC
"This note is to say thank you to you and your crew. I first fell in love with your rock work at the Blake House when we were planning our wedding. Even though it was relatively new at that time, it appeared to have been there since the house was built. When I inquired to have you do something similar for us, you had the same vision. It looks like it's always been there! With every project I've asked you to do, you work with me and my vision and it's more beautiful than I even pictured.

Thank you, Bill Laity and your crew, for your superior artistic skills and professionalism. I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone. Use me as a reference any time!"

Bill and Stephanie Devlin
"We wanted to tell you how pleased we are with your work in our garden. Your overall design is great as are the stone outcrops on the banks and the dry river beds. The tree and shrub specimens are out of this world, and the bulbs, perennials and meadow seeding are spectacular. We love the rockery at the entrance to the driveway.

Your work crew did a superb job and were so kind and helpful and they did a wonderful cleanup at the end of the job.

Thank you again for coordinating the sprinkler system for us. If you would like to use us as a reference or to show customers your work you are more than welcome to do so."

J & A M, Asheville, NC
"Bill, thank  you very much for all your advice and council and expert workmanship in the construction of our two patios and the architecturally important rock wall surrounding our new sunroom.  Your willingness to meet with us both at rock suppliers and at our site gave us a better feeling of security as the projects continued. You answered all our many questions and reinforced in us the confidence in you we felt from our first meeting.

We will recommend you to anyone who asks about their landscaping plans.  Thanks again for all your help in making our small project a big success."


Craig C., North Asheville, NC
"Please let me add my endorsement of Bill Laity and his landscaping crew. My project was to add more trees and landscape rocks to an existing area. I had a pretty good idea what I wanted in terms of trees and locations, and so I didn't feel I needed a formal site plan. Bill was amenable to this and so we did a point-and-stake type of project, and he provided an "a-la-carte" style estimate. Before work began, I was also able to arrange a trip with Bill to the rock yard to help select the landscape rocks - - Bill was very willing to work interactively. When we were placing the rocks, Bill's experienced and creative crew were insistent on making sure the "best" faces on the rocks pointed the right way, more fussy than even I would have been.  The crew were personable, worked together well (and hard), and clean-up was super.  A week or so later I noticed the white pines were starting to bend in our winds. A quick note to Bill and he took care of staking them.  You don't have to worry about the quality of work when you have Bill Laity. I look forward to working with Bill on future projects."

Don and Leslie Tucker, Glassy Mountain, Landrum, SC
"We have been very happy with your timely and thorough services. Your plan for the remediation of our drainage runoff problem was very clear, efficient and straightforward in its implementation. We have had no problems thereafter. I am happy to serve as a reference. Many thanks for your services."

Bill and Anne McKibbin

"Bill and his company were key in our home / landscaping renovation efforts.  From planning to implementation, our expectations were exceeded every step of the way.  We will definitely call on Bill again for any of our landscaping needs!"

Jan Van Ess
"So you are considering using Laity Landscaping/Construction. My experience with him and his crew has extended over 8 years.  They have done a super job. Bill has lots of imagination and can put together a very pleasing landscape design.  He will work within your budget and give you the best available at a price you set. AND he stands behind his work so if there is a problem of any sort, he will make it right for you. I would recommend him without hesitation."

Dawn and Jimi Rentz
"We have thoroughly enjoyed working with William Laity Landscaping.  They have done work at two of our houses now, and we will continue to use them on future projects.  Bill’s knowledge of plants and his ideas for use of space are incredible!"

Karen and John
"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Bill and his crew, from the first visit of simply exploring ideas to the placement of the last stone.  The project far exceeded our expectations and continues to give us pleasure, as we add plants, flowers and trees to make it our own.  Bill was wonderfully patient with our last minute requests for changes and tweaks as we watched the garden evolve.  It was truly a collaborative effort."

Beverly Evans
"Working with Bill and his crew was a positive experience.  The crew worked when they said they would, and Bill returns phone calls!  My ratty bank is now beautiful thanks to Bill’s design and the dedication of his crew."

Jane Fowler

"Recently, we built a new guest house and garage on our property in Biltmore Forest.  William Laity did the landscaping for this project.  It was very easy to communicate our wishes to him, because of his artistic talent and imagination.  It was a pleasure to work together, and the results of his planning and labor continue to bring us great pleasure and joy!"

Lee and Margaret Torrence
"We knew when we purchased our 5-year-old mountain home that the drainage system was not functioning properly.  Our inspector recommended Bill Laity, if we wanted the job to be done right.  Re-doing the system meant removing a deck and excavating the entire back wall of our house to a depth of ten feet.  Bill came out and drew up a careful plan and thorough cost projection.  When we decided that we also wanted him to enlarge a parking area, he handled that addition with care, preserving the surrounding plant life even as he designed and created the space we needed.

It’s now been a year since Bill completed the project.  The drainage system works beautifully; our basement is dry and snug, and we are proceeding with plans to finish out that space, since we now have ample parking to accommodate guests!

We cannot recommend Bill and his crew highly enough.  At every stage of our complicated project, Bill was careful to communicate our options, and to pass on cost savings when he saw ways to handle the project more efficiently.  When all was said and done, he ended up accomplishing more work for less money than we had originally anticipated.  We look forward to working with him again when we get around to addressing some landscaping needs!"

Pete Turchi
"Bill Laity and his crews have done three jobs for us: expanding and rebuilding our driveway, which required replacing a retaining wall; re-grading our back yard and building a stone wall, stone bench and grill area, and steps; and laying a stone patio.  Each job has dramatically improved our home, and working with Bill has been a great pleasure.  His integrity is evident in every stage of the work, from planning (where the attention was always on what we wanted, what we needed, and how the work might be done most effectively in terms of function, appearance, and cost) to execution (projecting a timetable and communicating clearly throughout the project), to completion.  He is safety-conscious, thoughtful about how he leaves the work site each day, and attentive to detail.  We couldn’t be happier with the work he’s done and the way he’s done it."

T. Jude Welsh

"Bill’s been involved with a number of small and large projects around my home: including building a long railroad tie wall on a steep incline, selecting and craning in 7 large evergreen trees on a back bank (creating instant privacy), and installing a French drain behind an existing block wall.  Not to mention some really beautiful stone work!  Whether big or small, simple or complex, Bill approaches each job with enthusiasm, professionalism, and a uniquely creative eye.  Bill keeps you well informed on all aspects of the project at hand.  You’ll always know where things stand.  And the crew he employs reflects the same professional attitude.  They’re approachable, friendly, skilled and hardworking.  I’d highly recommend Bill for your next project."

A.J. Rhodes & Alan Lipsky
"We live in a mountain community and were experiencing some significant surface run-off during rainstorms, which was eroding our “backyard” and, at times, flooding our basement.  The angle of incline on the back part of the yard and the lack of planning for drainage were causing serious problems for us, in addition to the fact that the yard could not function as a play space for our kids.  We began gathering bids from landscapers – one of whom was Bill Laity.  He returned our call promptly and came out to take a look at the situation. We were impressed at the amount of time he took to thoroughly investigate the back property – crawling in and around trees, and walking further up the road to better understand how the incline impacted us.  After explaining his ideas, he drew up a rough idea of his proposal.  A couple of days later, a more detailed bid with cost breakdowns of each aspect of the project and more detailed drawings arrived in the mail.  The costs seemed fair, and so we accepted the bid.

Bill and his crew started the project when they said they were going to start, and worked consistently on a regular schedule.  Having dealt with many contractors and repair-people, who never showed up to work when they said they were going to, this was a welcomed change!  The plan included digging out swales, creating berms, and installing a concrete drainage box with an underground pipe leading to a drainage ditch.  They also leveled out a large area of our backyard and covered it with mulch.  We have since added a playset – a delight to our children – who now enjoy a backyard play space!

The crew working with Bill was friendly and knowledgeable and able to suggest alternative ideas when needed.  Throughout the project, Bill was very clear about how changes we requested would affect final costs, and we certainly appreciated knowing where things stood at all times. 

We would highly recommend Bill without hesitation."

Sharyn McDonald-Groh
"Bill Laity is extremely knowledgeable about his craft and can save you money in the long run, because he gets it right.  He has designed and graded my riding ring, so the water drains beautifully.  He has also consulted with me on numerous occasions about putting in a new road and working with my architects on the appropriate selection of my house site.  Both the road and house site are steep places and require proper ditching for water run off.  I trust Bill to work with and advise my grader in a very professional manner.  He is easy to work with and very reliable.  I could not have gotten through these projects without his expertise."

John Parrott

"After 30 years of working as a landscape designer and contractor in the New Orleans area, I moved to Asheville, North Carolina. I knew that I would need professional assistance to do my garden here. The climate, soil, elevations, and new materials all presented challenges to me.
William Laity came highly recommended from both old friends in the area and new acquaintances alike. At this point, we have completed two installations in the garden. Bill has proven to have a good grasp of local material and how to use it. Equally important is the quality of the workmanship provided by his foreman and crew.

Bill also did some drainage reconstruction and water proofing surrounding a problem area in my basement. Since the work has been completed, about 2 years, my basement has remained dry.

In summary, I can say it has been a pleasure working with Bill and I highly recommend his company and crew."

Holly and Bernie Arghiere
"Bill Laity has done numerous projects for us over the years.  We have known him from the earlier days of his business, and have benefited from much of his knowledge and abilities.  He has and continues to be a resource for us.  We have recommended his services to friends, who have also been happy with his results.  He is not only knowledgeable, able, thorough, trustworthy, efficient, tidy, prompt and a man of his word, but also a nice and good person to know and work with.  He does what he says he will do conscientiously.

Just for us alone he has done:
  • Numerous water drainage configurations, cobble swales, water bars, re-grades, etc.
  • Sleuthed out and installed French drains where needed
  • Placed a trampoline at ground level for kid safety
  • Graded and seeded a playing field that never puddles and always has grass
  • Re-built a bridge with added water clearance capacity for year round, highly fluctuating Haw Creek
  • Moved massive quantities of beautiful topsoil to a gardening location
  • Removed an old rotting barn and redesigned and re-graded the barnyard while eliminating serious drainage problems as a well as including beautiful plantings
  • Built a beautiful 2 story post and beam barn with stalls, equipment space, a bench and a recreational loft space
  • Retrofitted an old stone barn with new Dutch doors and windows in existing openings, reconfigured and replaced the roof from the rafters to the shingles, replaced a rotting floor and joists, repaired and re-set concrete steps that had fallen away, designed and build interior stall space appropriate for 2 horses and detailed stall space with feeders, hay racks and water buckets on stone walls
  • Prepared for and set numerous various sized culverts
  • Site prepped and built large sturdy adjoining bins for outdoor yard needs
  • Turned an unused tennis court into a riding arena by removing a surrounding chain-link fence and posts for the net, removing the court surface, re-grading for proper drainage, increasing the integrity of the subsurface, installing weed blocking landscaping fabric and adding the proper footing for equestrian use – no puddles, no weeds and excellent footing results years later
  • Did all site work and installations of foundation, slab and patio for a home observatory
  • Dug various trenches for changes in and additions to electrical needs, from setting cable to extending service to the arena and observatory as well as prepping for removal of overhead wires
  • Hung numerous farm gates that don’t sag and open and close smoothly
  • Designed and installed a raised bed planting island, a huge hedge of Burning Bush and a large bed of Stella D’Ora daylilies adjoining
  • Planted trees and shrubs too numerous to count
  • Removed, re-graded, installed downspouts from roof run-off and set stones for a beautiful patio with previous major drainage issues that used to flood our basement
  • Probably done other stuff we don’t remember
We have been very fortunate to benefit from the well of Bill’s knowledge and talent.  He also is a great resource for other people in the trades in this area."

Al Mojonnier

"We have used William R. Laity Landscaping services three times over the past twelve years and have been very satisfied each time.

In 1998 he and his crew put in two outdoor stairways on steep parts of our property. They are level, intact, good looking and functioning like new to this day.  We found Bill and his crew to be knowledgeable, pleasant to work with and very competent.

This past fall (2009), Bill and his crew did a couple of things for us. One for us directly, one for our Homeowners' association.

First, they put in a Rain Garden and did some road repair and ditch maintenance for our Homeowners'. We had a serious problem with runoff from an unpaved section of our road above us. Bill Laity enlarged our ditch, repaired holes in our road pavement, and most importantly put in a rain garden and road diverters to alleviate the destructive runoff.  The Rain Garden works beautifully and is an attractive addition. The spillways are lined with attractive rounded stones. The crew retained the trees around it and covered the excavation with leaves and forest floor debris. It looks like it has been there forever.

Second, Bill put a patch in our blacktopped driveway to drain a spring that had plagued us for years. We needed to be away when this was to be done and told Bill we trusted them to do it in our absence. They did that and took a series of pictures of the job in progress for us.

We are very happy with the service they have given us."